5 Best Shoelace Knots You Should Know


Shoes. They are not only necessary footwear for most people across the world, but they are also an extremely profitable clothing item. 

There were nearly 19 billion pairs of shoes sold across the world last year. 

Something you may not think about is that to keep most of these shoes secure, you need to have good shoelace knots to support your feet. There are all types of different shoelace knots out there that you can do. 

However, people reading this are likely looking for the best shoelace knot out there. 

What are the best shoelace knots that you can do? How do you know what the best shoelace knot is? 

These are five of our best shoelace knots. 

1. Standard Knot 

Hey, it is hard to beat a classic sometimes. This is arguably the most popular way to tie your shoes across the world. The reason for this is that it is relatively simple. 

You start by crossing both sides of your shoelaces. Then, you create bunny ears with one side of your shoelace. After that, you will wrap the other side of your shoelace around it and put it underneath the hole that you created. 

Finally, you wrap it up one more time and then you will have tied your shoes. Even if you are using different types of shoelaces than your friends or family members, this one is relatively easy to copy and travels well. 

2. Two Loop Shoelace Knot 

This next shoelace knot has a lot of similarities to our first knot if done right. However, this is a different shoelace knot than a lot of people are used to. 

That is because this one requires people to create two loops (or bunny ears) in the beginning rather than one. However, the rest of it arguably becomes simpler to do than a standard knot. 

Once you have the two loops made next to each other, you simply have to tie the shoe using those two loops. The challenge with this one is that it tends to be tougher to get secure than a standard knot. However, if done right, this shoelace knot can actually be faster to make than a standard not. 

3. Moccasin Shoelace Knot 

If you are looking for a shoelace knot that has a little more style, then this is one of the shoelace knots that you are going to want to take a closer look at. 

How is this stylish? Like the knot above, you are going to want to start by having two loops in the middle. However, the next step is not going to be tying those two loops together here. 

Instead, you are going to make a half knot. You will use the top end of one loop to pull forward through the end of the other loop to create a stylish half knot. 

A fair warning here is that of the knots shared so far, this one tends to be a loose shoelace compared to the others. So, be careful if you have to walk long distances or in crowded places. 

4. Reef Knots 

It is no secret that there are all different types of shoelaces out there. With that come shoelaces that are so long that you feel like you are going to trip over them. On the other end, you might run into shoelaces that feel too short to tie a proper knot. 

If the latter happens to you, there is no need to fear. You can use something called a reef knot. It is a different shoelace knot than the others because this one is designed for short shoelaces. 

Here, you skip the step of creating a loop like our first two different shoelace knots. Then, you get each side of the shoelace together and have them cross each other. After that, put one end under the other and then secure it. 

Because this knot does not need a lengthy shoelace, it is the best shoelace knot for shoelaces that are too short or even broken. 

5. No Knots 

Finally, you may consider buying a pair of shoes that do not need shoelace knots at all. The reason for this is that younger people may not want the hassle of properly tying shoes and kids growing up may not know how. 

About 45% of kids under 10 do not know how to tie their shoes. Of the 55% of kids that do know how to tie their shoes, over 18% of them prefer to tuck their shoelaces in rather than learn about different shoelace knots. 

Some of the best shoelaces in their eyes are ones that are not required to move or be knotted. It is there for style and convenience. With that in mind, sometimes the best shoelace knot that you can have is none at all. 

However, if you go this route, make sure the shoes have enough security that it is not easy to slip out of your shoe. 

What Is the Best Shoelace Knot? 

So, what is the best shoelace knot? 

Is it two loops where you just tie them together? Is it one that has a little more style than the typical shoelace knot? How about one that is made for certain shoelaces like short ones? 

You could be a fan of the classic shoelace knot or you may be someone that would rather not have to worry about shoelaces at all. 

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