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U-Lace Kiddos | No Tie Shoelaces for Kids

Award-Winning Never-Tie Laces For Ages 3-11. You Kids Love U-Laces!

The incredibly popular U-Lace Kiddos range of no tie shoelaces for kids was launched in 2015 and has become an institution all on its own. Children everywhere are saying no to the bow.

This range offers 19 fun colors, and 6 multicolor packs to choose from – but can you choose?

 Kids Know What They Want in a Shoelace

 Our kid-sized elastic shoelaces are a little bit shorter and narrower than our Classic U-Laces. That means our range will snugly fit tiny human feet, whether they’re attached to a child or an adult.

 It’s a fun fact that every child that has ever comes across a pack of U-Laces instantly prefers them to traditional shoelaces. These no tie shoelaces for kids are a no-brainer, and they last for years.

Most kids are happy to never tie shoelaces again. Common responses are ‘why aren’t all shoelaces like this mom and dad?’ and ‘they look so cool!’ We’re not bragging, but they have a point.

 Made from the same specially developed elastic lycra in our flagship range, there are enough colors to appease the busiest, happiest, most energetic child on a super-creative day.   

 These Stylish Laces are Great For

  • Giving your child the creative freedom to customize their sneakers, boots, hightops and trainers. Because everyone knows fun colors make shoes feel better on your feet.
  •  Maximizing the different types of style you can achieve with just a few pairs of shoes and a couple of packs of no tie shoelaces for kids. Never get bored with your shoes!
  •  Kids that strongly dislike having to tie their stupid shoelaces every day, and kids that genuinely struggle to get and keep their shoes tied.
  •  Disabled or autistic children, whose quality of life needs to be enhanced by amazing products like our elastic shoe strings. Less hassle, less bullying, more time to be a kid.

Children are smart. They’re going to love their new slip-on sneakers, and the dozens of ways they can pattern and customize their individual look.

No tie shoelaces for kids solve a lot of problems, encourage creativity and keep little humans on the move. Enjoy hours of fun designing shoelace patterns, just because.


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