5 Ideas For DIY Customizing Your Shoes

DIY fashion is one of the top trends in 2023. As footwear enthusiasts, we may be biased, but we think the best way to get in on this trend is with DIY custom shoes.

If you want to know the best DIY shoe design ideas to update your sneakers for 2023, keep reading.

1. Paint Designs

Want to make your shoes look as creative as you are? Add designs with acrylic fabric paint or paint pens ideal for canvas or leather sneakers.

If you choose to use acrylic paint, make sure to add a textile medium. Paint pens come pre-loaded with textile medium to help them bond to the fabric.

Rub your sneakers with acetone to encourage the paint to bond. Then, check out this guide for tips on painting shoes like a pro.

2. Shoe Accessories

From colorful shoe charms to plated lace tags, there are so many accessories you can use to spice up your shoes. The best part about this option is that you can hook or clip accessories onto your shoes and remove them as you please.

Etsy is the best place to find fun and creative shoe clips, personalized lace tags, and rhinestone shoe charms. You can also pick up monogrammed and emoji lace plates from uLace.

3. Custom Embellishments

Do you love shoe accessories but want something a bit more permanent? If so, consider adding studs, rhinestones, patches, or embroidery to your sneakers.

You can use a glue gun, sewing machine, or iron to add patches. Rhinestone and stud setters can secure gems in place without needing glue or thread.

If you choose to use glue or iron-on patches, avoid getting your shoes wet. Moisture can break down bonds and cause your embellishments to fall off.

4. Mix-and-Match Shoe Pairs

Looking like you got dressed in the dark isn't such a bad thing anymore. In 2023, a major trend in footwear is wearing mismatched shoes.

To get the look, we recommend buying two pairs of the same shoes in different colors or patterns. Try pairing together shoes in complementary colors like green and pink. Get more tips for styling mismatched shoes at the link.

5. uLace No-Tie Shoe Laces

Looking for ways to transform your sneakers and make them more convenient to wear? uLaces are no-tie shoe laces that come in various colors and patterns.

Transform your shoes into slip-ons while also making a fashion statement. You can add a pop of color with our classic, slim, and short laces. Or show off your personality with our Siliprint line.

Install your uLaces in dozens of different ways, as seen in our lacing guide. Then, style your uLace sneakers with our COLR by uLace apparel and accessories.

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No-Tie Laces for DIY Custom Shoes

DIY custom shoes will inject some personality and creative flair into your wardrobe. We hope these custom sneaker ideas have inspired you!

Are you looking for the best no-tie shoelaces for DIY sneakers? uLace customers love our stylish and convenient products. Check out our fit guide to learn which uLaces are right for your shoes and see what all the hype is about!